Let’s Talk About Pinterest & Blogging


I love Pinterest. I remember first hearing about it a couple of summers ago via blogs I read regularly, and thought the idea of an online pinboard was cool, but I didn’t quite get it.  Then we began going to a small group at our church, and my friend Naomi said, “You MUST get on Pinterest. You will love it.” Soon the other ladies in the group chimed in, and for the first time, at age 28, peer pressure worked. :) I think the line that got me was, “It’s like getting a magazine.every.day.” And yes, I’m guilty of pressuring others to join the madness.

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Top 10 Comforts for Baby


Happy Monday!

A new week… and a new cold. Another pajama day…(and still no snow. EDIT: It’s almost 4pm, and it IS snowing! Huzzah!) My girls have been catching things and passing them back and forth like crazy this winter; it’s a similar tune for friends and their little ones, too. Ugh. Liv is sick. Again. Just as Natalie is on the upswing. I am beyond grateful it’s been one at a time, believe me. And I know it’s just how it is when you have kids…but uuuugh.

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