A New Year & New Look

Welcome to the new blog! As much as I have loved posting over on VintagePlum, I am so excited to begin a new chapter here on TwoLittleCardigans. My daughters–Olivia and Natalie–wear cardigans often. Sweet little knit ones, with little buttons and tiny ribbed cuffs. Aww.


So in honor of the way these two loveable girls inspire me daily, I’ve created this space to share our adventures, creations, and gratitudes in the midst of the mundane, monotonous “everyday.” {You can read more about us here.)

I took lots of pictures for the header of this blog… here are a few outtakes…mostly blurry lol :





My method for taking pictures of the girls is to take as many as possible… usually around 100 at a time. Most are cute, and capture their true selves (a blur running past), but a few gems will usually come to the surface. Liv is getting pretty good about taking some direction; Natalie is still dancing to her own drum, so you just have to play along.


I’m totally new to WordPress, so I will be working through a lot of kinks the next few months… please excuse any hiccups. We’re so glad you stopped by!


3 thoughts on “A New Year & New Look

  1. Hello friend! I love your new look. What sweet girls in those cute cardigans! I can’t wait to see what this new year brings through sharing on your blog. I love it all:)

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