Emerging from the House

…humming title of this post to “Master of the House”….

We’ve been hit hard with all sorts of ills the last couple of months, and I am happy to say we seem to be over it. I know I’m probably speaking too soon…{pausing to see if Liv is going to start coughing as if on cue}…but yesterday was the first time in a few weeks that the girls and I all felt energized and ready to get back to our post-holiday routine. As much as I love pajama days, too many of them make for major cabin fever.

Yesterday, we ran to the post office, the grocery, and then enjoyed lunch and an afternoon at the park. {I kept a cooler in the car with ice for groceries so we didn’t have to stop home inbetween… sooooo nice.}


We’re always happy about the free grocery cookies!

It was gorgeous outside–sunny and mid-50’s–and the girls had fun sliding, climbing, and covering the slides with wood chips together.


Oh, Lunchables. You’re still tasty.






I am still wishing for snow, and lots of it. It just hasn’t quite felt like winter yet this year (although our Christmas Eve snow was perfect!). We need more of that. It just shouldn’t be this nice in January!


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