Top 10 Comforts for Baby


Happy Monday!

A new week… and a new cold. Another pajama day…(and still no snow. EDIT: It’s almost 4pm, and it IS snowing! Huzzah!) My girls have been catching things and passing them back and forth like crazy this winter; it’s a similar tune for friends and their little ones, too. Ugh. Liv is sick. Again. Just as Natalie is on the upswing. I am beyond grateful it’s been one at a time, believe me. And I know it’s just how it is when you have kids…but uuuugh.

Every mom has their secrets and their stashes for times like these… I don’t have many secrets (although I wish I did!) but I do have a stash of stuff I use regularly when the girls are drooling, snotty, and draped on the couch watching Daniel Tiger. (Cutest kid show out there right now, seriously. Is it weird I love his knit sweater and that he wears a watch…?)

I have pared our main supply down to the following 10 things we use every time the girls get sick. (I know you know this, but I feel like I need to say it: please check with your pediatrician if you have concerns or questions over a well-stocked medicine cabinet!)



1 Children’s Acetaminophen. We usually buy this in bulk at Costco–I prefer the non-colored kind. Both girls take medicine eagerly and never complain; they must have tweaked the flavors, because I never liked medicine as a kid! (Except amoxicillin…oh that bubble gummy pink stuff, yum.) We also use the droppers (as you see with #2) with this medicine. We used the dropper for giving our littlest one water and pedialyte when she got a stomach bug last month–it worked well, and she accepted the fluid much better than by bottle or sippy. Whew.

2 Children’s Benadryl. Neither of my girls have allergies, but we use Benadryl on nights when the girls are dripping mucous and can’t seem to get a break. I used to not really give medicine until they reeeeally needed it; now I feel like they should get a good night’s rest as soon as possible so they can just get over whatever it is. Often we will halve the recommended dose and it still works well.

3 Petroleum Jelly/Aquaphor. The girls ripped the label off our Aquaphor jar, and hid it somewhere this morning, but that’s usually in this bin, too. I use this stuff for everything! I also use Burt’s Bees baby ointment (petroleum-free), but it’s coconut-scented, and I like the scent-free stuff for under sore noses and the like.

4 Saline Nose Drops. When I get sick, I use saline like crazy, and it works really well. I’ve taught both of my girls since they were teeny tiny that saline spray is our friend, and helps them breathe… neither of them balk when I squirt, which is awesome. My trick for this is that I’ve never forced it on them; I let them hold it with the lid on, show them how I use it–I count to three, squeeze, and make a big deal of breathing it in my nose. Both of them have found this funny, so it worked when I asked if they wanted to try. :) They’ve come to realize this is just part of our kit when they’re sick…and that it’s a part of #5.

5 Nose Aspirator. I’ve tried to make this thing well-liked too, although Liv is much more willing to let me use this on her than Natalie is! Sometimes you just have to go for it and get those boogers out–Nat will fight me until she can breathe again, wheras Liv will sometimes bring it to me to use, haha. If I’m at home, I always use the nose drops first, then the aspirator–it just seems to help the gunk come out. Then I’ll usually end with a little more saline, and they’re good to go for awhile. This is very helpful at night when the poor babies are super stuffy.

6 Vick’s Baby Rub. A nice alternate to the normal stuff… it has aloe vera, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. Sometimes a sick baby is more nerve wracking for mommy than for the baby–when there’s not much else you can do, using this makes us both feel better.

7 Vick’s Vapor Rub. Classic. I couldn’t stand this until I met my husband–he uses it constantly when he’s sick, and Olivia loves it too.

8 Forehead Thermometer. This was recommended to us by a friend, and our doctor uses one too… love it. Way more accurate and consistent than our previous one, and quick.

9 Zarbee’s All Natural Cough Syrup. For kids 2 and up… Natalie doesn’t get this, but Olivia had some last night, and it really helps curb her outbursts. It has buckwheat, various honeys, and zinc. Hopefully someday Liv will like to drink hot lemon water with honey for coughing. Yum, good stuff, and what my mom used to make me when I was sick. (I’ve also heard a spoonful of honey helps coughs too.)


10 Acetaminophin/Ibuprofen/Benadryl dosing Chart. I should’ve put this one first on my list! This is a dosing chart from our pediatrician’s office–click the picture for the .pdf (from their website, Academy Park Pediatrics). There is also a Benadryl dosing chart on the same site. I have printed all three charts out and have them in a plastic sleeve that I keep with our Baby Medicine bin. This has been awesome; no more scrounging around in the middle of the night confused or worried about how much we can give, or where it’s at. Our pediatricians also list various other handouts on their site (link above) that may be helpful to you.


This looks messy, but is MUCH more organized than it used to be. ;) Again, I just assessed our usual needs when we get sick, and these seem to be our top three… Skin care (sunscreen, band-aids, cortizone, lotions, wound/burn care, etc.), Common Cold meds (for R and I), and the Baby’s medicines. This linen closet is between all of our bedrooms, so it’s easy to get to anytime, especially at night. The shelf above has some odds and ends we use now and then, but not regularly.

I like to keep things simple, but I also enjoy a good recommendation, so if you use a product you can’t not brag about, please share! Hoping you and yours are staying healthy.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Comforts for Baby

  1. The forehead thermometer does not work for us! When my daughter was having high fevers with roseola it would give us different readings within seconds of each other. Perhaps it’s just a dud or a bad brand.

    • Interesting.. Ours is the Exergen brand, bought at Target. I usually take the temperature several times just to check it, and it’s usually the same; our previous thermometer would be degrees off each time! Have you found something else you prefer? (I love suggestions from nurse friends…:)

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