Let’s Talk About Pinterest & Blogging


I love Pinterest. I remember first hearing about it a couple of summers ago via blogs I read regularly, and thought the idea of an online pinboard was cool, but I didn’t quite get it.  Then we began going to a small group at our church, and my friend Naomi said, “You MUST get on Pinterest. You will love it.” Soon the other ladies in the group chimed in, and for the first time, at age 28, peer pressure worked. :) I think the line that got me was, “It’s like getting a magazine.every.day.” And yes, I’m guilty of pressuring others to join the madness.

When I first started pinning, I think I was looking for ideas on how to organize my laundry area. Now, I still look for tricks and tips, but I love it most for lovely photography (which is hopefully properly sourced–super important). It’s kind of like gorgeous packaging; I pin if I want to grab it. Most boards of mine are purely to look at for enjoyment, like my Good Morning board. And it really does encourage me to stay creative and visual… Even re-creating an ounce of what I see–making the effort to use a pretty teacup, say, despite smeared bananas and spilled orange juice and grubby fingers nearby–reminds me I am still a lady, not just “mom,” even in sweatpants.

I feel like I’ve gotten to know friends differently via Pinterest–I will see a pin before seeing it’s pinner, but I already know who it is.  For someone like me who delights in observing and soaking in details, this has been awesome. I like seeing what friends enjoy in ways they may not share otherwise.

Now–as all of you know, to be a part of Pinterest, you must be a part of Facebook. I’m not on Facebook–or at least, not really. Technically, I have an account, but I haven’t done one thing beyond signing up. I don’t participate for various reasons, but I think one of them is that I just find a blog (and Pinterest) to be the best way for me to communicate. I only have so much time with little ones, and I like spending the time I do have on the creative side of a blog–taking pictures, writing, etc.–and I love the visual side of Pinterest. I see them both more as projects that I can fine tune vs. updates for other people (although I totally see the value of that).


I have been blogging since 2008, off and on. I’ve learned a lot about it, but I have so much more to learn…more on the being-brave-and-writing-my-heart-side than anything. These kinds of posts are on the way… eek. So I love the medium, and garner helpful and inspiring gems from other bloggers all the time.  It’s a great way to keep in touch, and be part of a bigger community in a quiet but personal way.  Maybe Facebook does this too, but I’m comfortable with this style the most, even if nobody reads it.

And, because I can’t not think of You’ve Got Mail while typing this post, an ode to being online at all:



2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Pinterest & Blogging

  1. Eek! I’m famous! :) Btw, have you ever seen the “original” You’ve Got Mail? With Jimmy Stewart? The Shop Around the Corner. It’s been years since I’ve seen, but I remember it being good. Love you!

    • No, but I’ve heard of it! I love that they pay homage to the old movie in the new film with the store name. I’ll have to check it out, thanks :)

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