Passing Down Fruit


Every Tuesday, I go to a Community Bible Study (CBS), and it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life since I became a mom.  They have a wonderful children’s program, and it’s so.nice. to have a set couple of hours each week for adult conversation. But the best part, aside from the freedom to comb through God’s Word weekly, is the company I study with: a roomful of women of all ages, most of whom are 60+. There are a few young moms in my group, but most of it is comprised of older women.

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Marshmallow Children


We have one tradition when it snows: hot cocoa. As soon as Liv sees it’s snowing, she’ll say, “It’s snoooowing! I get hot cocoa, Mommy!” So we’ll share a packet of Swiss Miss and add some marshmallows, and you can tell she feels like such a big girl sitting there with her own mug. “You can do this when you’re older,” she’ll say to Natalie, who really couldn’t care less, but still furrows her brow.

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