Bookstore Browsings

I had some time to myself last night at Barnes & Noble–bliss! I always feel like I walk around and find so many books that look interesting, and I tell myself I’ll remember to check them out later, but nope. Never happens. So the last couple of times, I’ve snapped pics of the book cover so I don’t forget.Β Here’s what caught my eye last night, completely randomly:


The Sweet Life in Paris: David Lebovitz. Ohhh, this cover. I was really tempted to buy this one on the spot from the cover alone. :) Darn you, self control! I will definitely be reading this… thumbing through it brought me back to my Sugar Rush days–I will always have a soft spot for pastry chefs. David Lebovitz is a renowned chef from the Bay area, and now lives full time in Paris, writing. Sigh.


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns : Mindy Kaling. Reading snippets from this one made me laugh. Gotta read.


The Zombie Survival Guide–Complete Protection From the Living dead : Max Brooks. Thinking this may be an October read… I really am not well versed in zombies, OR how to protect myself should they come, soo…better safe than sorry!


Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity in Christ : Mark Driscoll. I have heard some of Mark’s sermons via video, and enjoy his heart and Biblical teaching. I’ve never read any of his books… I have a friend who loves everything of his, so I would like to give this one a try so we can discuss. :)


Follow Me : David Platt. Raul and I read Radical last year, and it was pretty convicting. Challenging. Lots of food for thought in terms of what your faith means to you, if you’re really living for Christ, and how Platt has been wrestling with inspiring authenticity in his church. I didn’t look through this one too much, but I wonder if it’s in the same vein as Not a Fan, by Kyle Idleman? (We’re going through this one at our church now. Any thoughts on this?) Either way, I really enjoyed Platt’s other book and would like to pick this one up.


Knit Notes. Sorry for the blurry picture! This is an adorable notebook with pages for you to chronicle your knitting projects, including graphs for creating patterns, places to paste pictures, etc. I have a binder that I keep patterns and magazine clippings for inspiration in, and it works well for me; that and Ravelry. But this is an adorable little book, and would be a neat thing to pass down, full of all that wonderful stuff you can leaf through and touch.


Spud and Chloe at the Farm : Susan Anderson. I love Susan Anderson’s stuff… I have two of her other two books, Itty Bitty Hats, and Itty Bitty Toys. (I attempted to knit a lamb for my friend’s daughter, and it wasn’t as cute as the picture, but it was a good lesson in making toys. I need a lot of practice. :) I am sure the little ones in Susan’s life enjoy her creations–they are adorable and cuddly.

It’s fun to dream about reading all of these books–I still have quite a pile on my nightstand that I’m working through. (Including a honking huge biography on George Washington–thanks Dad!) But just looking at new titles sometimes jump starts reading again for me. If you’ve read any of these, or have recommendations, please comment. And if I do get to any of these, I will be sure to review it. Here’s to 2013, a reading year!


8 thoughts on “Bookstore Browsings

  1. I think your idea of a snapshot of your next reads is a good one – that way you’ll never forget! I know that books are expensive, so dare I say it (as I writer, I only make money when someone buys my book….), check out the library – if they don’t have it, and a reader wants it, I’ve found that sometimes they’ll order it on the spot.

    You have a lovely blog here – love the picture of the two little girls. My little girl is all grown up now, but the happiest days of my life were when she was right there digging into everything with me. <3

  2. Thanks Stacy! Yes, we love the library… and that you can order books and just pick them up. So nice. But there’s joy in buying books, too, and I wish I could buy more! And as for “digging into everything with me”… you hit the nail on the head. :)

  3. I can’t wait to read Follow Me! I love David’s stuff and last year I read everything I could get my hands on from Francis Chan (have you seen Multiply?). I was waiting for the library to get it, but I’m thinking of just buying it! Let me know what you think!

  4. I also have been challenged and encouraged by David Platt’s first two books. So I bought FOLLOW ME yesterday and I am looking forward to reading it on the plane to Iowa tomorrow. You and R can borrow it next…….

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