A Book of Lists: Introduction


A friend of mine gave me a SmashBook last year, and I’m really excited to use it for a new list-making venture.  I love this kind of touchable scrapbooking (gluing papers, tickets, anything and everything inside, along with doodling & writing), but I’m very slow at it–I only add things haphazardly. Still, it’s fun to have around, and every now and then I’ll actually think to put something in it. Natalie had fun looking through it this week for a bit:



{Here’s a page of my girls, one year ago this month. I found the vintage playing cards at an antique store in Downtown Littleton. I loved the 2 card – my girls are exactly 20 months apart, both born on the 2nd of the month. I also went into labor with each at 1:30am. Weird, huh?}

So that’s my Smash Book… You can buy them as is, or you can make something similar with scrapbook paper, like this one. Fun. So the Book of Lists is an idea started by Kathleen over on Kapachino, and the premise is to post a list about a specific topic every month. You know I love lists. It’s been fun to read other blogger’s favorite things in this form (check out her comments section for others’ lists). Yet another way to journal/scrapbook/play with paper. Ex-cellent {a la Mr. Burns}. Some people are creating their own cute  journals, others are using lined notebooks… but I’m going to use random pages of my smash book for this project. So excited!

I’ll be catching up on the first two entries this month, and then posting a new themed list every month for the rest of the year.  I should have my first two entries up this weekend…. If this is something you’d like to join, I’d love to see links to your projects in the comments! And be sure to visit Kathleen and check out her monthly lists as well. Happy crafting. :)


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