Book of Lists: 2


There are two fixtures in my crafting drawer: Little wooden letter stamps, and free catalogs. Little letter stamps always turn out wobbly, crooked, semi-inked, and adorable, and I love them. I can never stamp them straight, but that’s part of their charm. :)

And free catalogs are wonderful fodder for…anything. I usually clip little images for cards or other papery things, and I have a few magazine pages framed around my house, I thought they were so pretty and/or fun. {My favorite catalogs are Pottery Barn and Anthropologie–the clipped art below to the left is from Anthro’s latest catalog.} I will be using both of these alllll over my BOL entries, heh heh heh. More like, horray!


So here is my first page for my Book of Lists–List 2. (You may be wondering why I’m skipping #1… Originally, these lists began last December, and I thought it would be easy for me to just begin with January’s list, #2). The theme for List 2 is “Looking Forward.”



Writing regularly.

Making time for creativity

Beginning running….again.

Downton Abbey, Season 2!

Completing knit projects

Afternoon tea & coffee <—I will always look forward to this, especially with friends

Dates with R

Little dates with the girls, one-on-one

Answers/solutions to my dad’s back pain

Finding balance with life & mommyhood

A fresh year, new start


I want to print out a quote about lists to put in the chevron envelope… found a few, but am still looking for The One to include. And I am loving the huge numbers (Recollections brand)–found these at Michael’s on sale for $5 a few months ago!


So that’s a start! Just one more catch-up list this month, and then I’ll be posting these on the 5th of every month from here on out. If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, check out yesterday’s post. :)


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