Book of Lists: 3


My very first thought, when I read this list’s theme would be “Perfect Day,” was the movie Roman Holiday (1953). Everything Audrey does in this movie is fantastic–she even won an Oscar for it. You go, girl.

Gregory Peck is one of my favorite leading men for Audrey, although Cary Grant totally takes the cake in Charade–another gem you must watch if you haven’t. R thinks Grant is too old for her, but I disagree… they are absolutely lovely together.

I found photos from the movie online*, printed them, and simply taped them into my book as an homage… the “Forget Me Not” tag and the comfy shirt is from my Anthro catalog, and of course, my lil and big typography stamps were used for the title.




My list is more like various things that could happen on a “perfect day” for me rather than a sequential day:

1. Waking up peacefully, after 10 solid hours of sleep. Rested…alert. (I typically wake up to whining, crying, or a persistent 2-year-old saying, “Mommy…mommy…mommy…mommy, it’s wake up time! Mommy…” Maybe I need to go to bed at 7pm too…?)

2. Going for an early walk/run with the dog, watching the sunrise, and stopping for pastries and coffee on the way home. (I’d have to borrow a dog for this; mine would go bezerk tied up outside a bakery. Would and has.)

3. Having lots of alone time…then doing something fun with R and the girls.

4. Wearing cute AND comfortable clothes!

5. Exploring a new city with R. (One of my favorite times is when we went to Portland for a weekend and walked everywhere. So much fun.)

6. Watching a classic movie in a theater.

7. Ice cream afterward.

8. Laughing. A lot.

*I would LOVE to have posted these photos here in all of their high def glory, but I gotta respect the copyright–if you would like to see them up close, click here to see them on Google Images.  How beautiful are B&W movies? Nothing like it…

And if you’ve already seen the movie, check out this trailer… “And what a nightgown!” ;)


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