Marshmallow Children


We have one tradition when it snows: hot cocoa. As soon as Liv sees it’s snowing, she’ll say, “It’s snoooowing! I get hot cocoa, Mommy!” So we’ll share a packet of Swiss Miss and add some marshmallows, and you can tell she feels like such a big girl sitting there with her own mug. “You can do this when you’re older,” she’ll say to Natalie, who really couldn’t care less, but still furrows her brow.

Today, I made Liv earn her cocoa by playing in the snow. As soon as I suggested it, she lit up and ran to look for her boots and coat and such; Natalie rode on the coattails of this excitement for awhile, but that didn’t last for long.




Liv was chanting, “It’s a snow day! It’s a snow day!”

And little Natalie went from this:


To this:


Oh Natalie.  She has always been Queen of the Sad Face. (Sidenote: I’ve never really thought Natalie looked all that much like Olivia aside from in a sisterly way, but in this hat, I really saw the resemblance today. Love it. You can read more about the history of this hat here, and even see an old school video of Livvy and Dexter. :)



Needless to say, Nat was visibly not happy being in the cold, but she stuck it out like a good sport and wasn’t whining or protesting too much. As long as I held her, she was fine. That face! I laugh each time I see it!


She may be easily soured, but she’s also easily cheered. And this is one of my favorite things about this girl.



I cleared a spot for her on the stairs, and amazingly, she sat quietly and stomped her boots in the snow for awhile so I could help Liv make some snow angels.


(She got tired of wearing her gloves, and didn’t want to put her hands in the snow, hence the nubby, but cute, angel…Her first one!)


Once she realized her mittens were helpful, she put them back on and threw endless amounts of snow at Dex, who enjoyed the attention.  The last time we played like this, she was only 10 months old, and pretty much just sat in her snowsuit. How fun to see her enjoy herself this time–I know Natalie will be the same way next year.)



And that’s how we finally got to our hot cocoa today.  It tastes better when you’re cold. :)

Not much beats little kids in marshmallow clothing, awkwardly looking around fuzzy hoods and losing their balance in the snow. Not much beats watching a one year old waddle in snow pants, swishing all the way.  It’s so good to re-live things like this, and savor how magical childhood is.


{PS. For those of you wanting to participate in the Book of Lists, the next list’s theme is “I’m Good At…” and will be posted on March 5th. Happy List-Making!}


2 thoughts on “Marshmallow Children

  1. I love all the pictures! Fun! And yes, one of Natalie’s pics made me laugh too :) I wish I got Christian a snow suit so we could also play outside… Well, maybe next winter when he’s a little bigger :)

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