Passing Down Fruit


Every Tuesday, I go to a Community Bible Study (CBS), and it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life since I became a mom.  They have a wonderful children’s program, and it’s so.nice. to have a set couple of hours each week for adult conversation. But the best part, aside from the freedom to comb through God’s Word weekly, is the company I study with: a roomful of women of all ages, most of whom are 60+. There are a few young moms in my group, but most of it is comprised of older women.

Many CBS groups have Mom Groups, which I think is fantastic–they’ll group women of like-ages together so they can relate and befriend others, feed babies together, etc. But I’m really thankful I plugged into my particular group because there is so much to glean from these women.  One generation sharing with the next… Holding hands spiritually, passing down fruit.   And on top of this, they’re hilarious.  Not a week goes by that I’m not genuinely laughing with them.

Last week, one woman–I’ll call her Carla–very sweet and fiesty, with short, coiled gray hair, got a flat tire before group. She’s one of my favorite people I see each week. We began study and prayed for her… and not 10 minutes later, she walked through the door. The first thing she said was, “The devil had plans for me today, but I said, nuh-uh…he’s not keeping me from my study, no SIR!”  She sat down and cracked open her book, head up to listen. We laughed, surprised to see her. This is what I love. These ladies have an eagerness to meet together, are committed to each other. Reliability is such a beautiful characteristic! (Flat tire or not :)

I ran into another woman that same morning–Francis. She lost her husband weeks before I lost my mom last year, and we had been in the same group then.  She always wears nicely pressed navy blue suits, and she uses her cane and walks slowly, but persistently. She has tired eyes, but lights up when she sees people she knows. I’m thrilled to be one of these people. When I saw her, I noticed she had a bruise under her eye. She said she hit the top of her head on something, but because she’s on coumadin (a blood thinning drug), it turned into a bruise. “I’m pretty tired of looking at it,” she said.  I gave her a hug, and told her I was really glad to see her.

Hearing Francis say “coumadin” jolted me a little, because my mom had been on the same drug for a long time. I’m very familiar with it, and its side effects. My heart hurt a little the rest of the day, like it does when I’m clotheslined by memories. It helps that many of these women have been through incredible circumstances, and are proof that you do get through it, you’re not alone, and you have a lot to offer on the other side of whatever it is because there is purpose in it.

I enjoy spending time with these women who have lived more life with the Lord than I, and I appreciate their motherly influence.  I know my girls will have these kinds of influences in their lives growing up, as much as I can encourage it. And you and I, we can begin giving our own fruit to the kiddos in our lives–we have a lot to share. What kind of fruit are you bearing? (I’m going to be thinking on this question today… )



Someday we’ll be gray too, Lordwilling–gray hair is truly an honor (Proverbs  16:31). Do you ever think about what you’ll be like in 20, 30+ years? Who do you want to be? How are you going to get there? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

I hope I have some “Carla” in me then… and I hope the next generation then finds us just as funny, charming, and as much in love with the Lord as we can be.


2 thoughts on “Passing Down Fruit

  1. Sweet. I am so glad you are meeting wise and spunky ladies that love the Lord at CBS. What a blessing. I pray you have a great week as you grow your fruit and share it with those around you.

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