Pure Joy


That face.

I came across this today, and had to share it with you. If you’ve had a tough week, I hope Natalie’s 9-month-old grin of glee lifts your spirit. Taken last August… one of her first times in a swing. The girl’s holdin’ on for dear life, but lovin’ every second of it. I’m so glad joy is contagious! :)


Dreaming About Sleep


Oh sleep… glorious sleep. R and I are in a season right now where eight hours a night are scarce. Tis parenting. But I dream about getting a full night’s rest, and can’t even imagine how productive and functional I’d be after that! (Although when this begins happening regularly again, I’ll probably miss being needed like I am now, cuddling and comforting my warm little girls in the middle of the night… oh, being a mom is not easy, is it?) Due to being perpetually tired, I usually don’t have a problem going back to sleep–but sometimes, sitting in the quiet darkness, my mind betrays me and begins racing at 100mph.

Things are bigger and scarier in the dark. What If decides to rear its head and begins asking me questions and instilling doubts. I’m getting better at wrangling my thoughts in and tucking them back to bed too, but sometimes it’s easier to just let the negativity flow. And it will; there is no shortage of negativity in life. This is when I know I can’t wrangle all by myself–I need help.

God knows what we need when we need it, and sleep and peace are no exception. Nothing can replace it, as much as I wish coffee could… As my dad likes to say, a la Robert Ludlum: “Sleep is a weapon.” So true… and peaceful sleep is a gift.

I first began looking up verses about sleep in college. I’ve learned a lot about not procrastinating until 1AM since then :) but even on those late nights, I needed comfort to get to sleep sometimes. I’d write verses out and put them by my bed so they would be the last thing I saw at night. Over the years, a few have stuck with me, and still minister to me when I’m blinking in the dark, on the verge of discouragement.  During these times, I just need to cling to the Lord and His truth and keep my life simple. Breathe in, breathe out, relax, and trust. A moment at a time. He will comfort us when we cry out to Him, because He wants us to turn to him in times like these–just like He promises in Isaiah: “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you…” (Isaiah 66:13)

May these verses bless you too on sleepless nights!




PS. I put these twinkle lights up at Christmas and can’t bring myself to take them down. I love them.