A Minnie Mouse Birthday: DIY

We celebrated Olivia’s birthday today–the big 3!


She told me she really wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday, so I was happy to make it happen. I wanted her to feel special on her big day, but I wanted to keep it simple… So I made easy brunch foods, put together a few little things, and invited her favorite little friends, and it made for a special day indeed.

This was the first year we invited Liv’s friends outside of the family–she’s been busy getting to know a few other little girls at church and MOPS this past year, which is sweet. We have a fairly large family anyway, so the house was chatting from end to end, kids running to and fro, and it felt good to open up our home and share a morning with everyone. Happy birthday, my Livvygirl!




I’m very sad to say I didn’t have time to make bunting; what’s a celebration without bunting…? I bought a few Minnie decorations from the party store, and made a couple of things I had been envisioning for awhile.

Minnie Ears & Goodie Bags

I thought it would be cute to see little Minnie’s running around, so I made some Minnie ears with Simplicity headbands (JoAnns, $2 each), black cardstock (from my stash), and pink wired ribbon ($4/spool, Michaels). Had I given myself more time, I’m sure I could’ve found cheaper headbands–I’d wanted simple plastic black ones–but these are more substantial and could make for some Halloween costume fodder down the line, so it’s all good.


I made a template for the ears, leaving width between each side of an ear to wrap around the underside of the headband. (Below: I folded the template paper in half when I cut them so that the ears would be a perfect match.)



I tied the bows how I wanted them, added a dollop of hot glue in-between the ears, and added the bow–voila!


When each girl arrived, I offered them ears and a little string of pearls at the door (i.e. Mardi Gra beads, Joanns, 6 for $1). For the two boys who came, I made regular ole Mickey ears.

As thank yous, I put together little goodie bags:


I used paper sacks, paper doilies, and Minnie ribbon ($5/spool, Michaels. A splurge, thanks to a tip from my friend Shannon, but how cute is it! I figure I can use the rest for a scrapbook or barrettes or future Minnie parties for friends…There’s always a reason for pretty ribbon).


I printed the thank you, and simply stapled the baggies closed. (One boy who came said, “XOXO Olivia?! Ewwwww ” :)

The party was complete with lots of pink balloons (thanks Dad!), lots of ice cream (thanks Bueli!) and an adorable Minnie cake, made by my friend Janet, who blogs her creations on PinknTeal. She did an amazing job; everyone thought this was her profession, not just her hobby. :)



My baby is three! I can vividly imagine her this time last year, and how much smaller she was… and even smaller the year before that. What a joy to know her this well! I was telling a friend just tonight that these little days, especially Little Birthday Days, are stored up carefully in a mommy’s heart, unlike any other heart. It’s a precious cove of mine, and I have no shortage of space.


2 thoughts on “A Minnie Mouse Birthday: DIY

  1. Thanks goodness for the blog and the pictures.. I get to see a little bit of what mom and aunite Bea described the party was like. I can’t believe my beautiful sobrinita is already 3!.. time fies!!!! miss u guys.. hope to see sooooon

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