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I’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite children’s book illustrators. {Okay, so they’re my favorite. Here are books I find myself picking up again and again to read to my girls purely because I love looking at them myself!}

First up: Yummy Yucky | Leslie Patricelli


I found this gem at B&N randomly when Liv was a teeny thing, and I think we’ve bought most of Ms. Patricelli’s other books since then.  This one made me smile with its simple drawings, bright colors, and silly comparisons.  Olivia references this book quite a bit, so it’s been a great teaching tool too as far as what not to eat. :) Natalie is now enjoying this one, as you can see from the raw edges…



Next: What Happens On Wednesdays | Emily Jenkins, Author; Lauren Castillo, Illustrator


I spotted this at the library while the girls were hopping between puzzles and spying on the fish tank. Raul and I actually hand it back and forth at bedtime when we put the girls down, we like it that much. Lauren Castillo’s warm vision of New York City in her drawings resonated with our trip there last spring…a crazy busy city with cozy pockets of home. It’s certainly how we felt, staying with family there.


I love that the premise of this book is basically a Day in the Life of a preschooler–that too resonates with me: all of the seemingly small things I do each day with the girls truly add up to one big day of security and fun. I love Castillo’s chosen poses for the little girl, too… especially in feetie jammies.



The daddy in this book also reminds me a bit of Raul…who totally just got hipster glasses, but he actually needs them (ha!) and looks fab in them.



Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons | Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Author; Jane Dyer, Illustrator

This is a delicious book. Given to us when Natalie was born, it’s been in rotation on the shelf for over a year, which says a lot. Jane Dyer’s soft, whimsical style is candy to look at, and I love the illustrations of what manners look like in this world she’s created, with cookies at the crux.



This is one of my favorite pages. This little girl! I love her hair in her face, her dress, her leggings, and of course, her cardigan. And that she’s willing to try odd, green cookies.

And last, but not least…


I Can Fly | Ruth Krauss, Author; Mary Blair, Illustrator

When I was pregnant with Olivia, my co-workers threw me a book shower in our conference room. I was so touched (and so surprised! I was told we were having an important meeting I needed to go to stat!). We received so many beautiful books that day, and this story was part of a compilation of Golden Books.  I love the vintage feel of all of the books included here, but this one in particular sticks with me.

The little girl reminds me of my own, and I love how sharp, clean, and colorful each page is.




Did you know Mary Blair illustrated concept art for Disney films, such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan in the 1950s? I can totally see it, now that I know it… sweet.

So that’s what’s in our favorite pile. My favorite pile. :) What are yours? Happy Reading! (And reading outloud to the little ones in your life!)


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