A Book Of Lists: 4


Theme for List 4: I’m Good At…

I spent some time thinking about all of the things I’m good at, somewhat snarkily…

“I’m good at leaving junk in my car for weeks.”

“I’m good at walking away from messes my three year old makes and moving on with my day.”

“I’m really good at cutting people off on the phone.” :)

And then I thought, well… I wonder what my three year old thinks about this? So this is the list she came up with for me. Her first order of business being three now, and all.



This list reminded me to ask Olivia (and eventually Nat) more questions and record her answers… sometimes she says the funniest things.Β (Like today, Liv was having trouble taking the caps off of her markers. She handed one to me and said, “Help me! My bones are too small to open this.”)

The next Book of Lists will be posted on April 1st, and the topic will be “Today I Saw…”

New to these lists? Check out what they’re about hereΒ and join in!


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