Simple Hair Clip Storage

There is so much swimming in my head to talk about with you–I am thankful for the inspirations that have been popping up all around me lately.  I’m still trying to formulate my thoughts… the fun part for my writerly mind! So while I do that, here’s a cute little project I made last week:


I typically just keep a jar in the girls’ bathroom, and it’s full of ponytail holders, clips, bobbypins, etc. but I have been wanting another solution for awhile now. I’ve seen a couple of friends display bows and such on hanging ribbon–which I think is adorable–and I was going to do the same, until I saw this idea on Pinterest.  I love how easy, compact, cheap, and clean-looking this project is! I was able to use up some ribbon scraps too, which made me happy. The only thing I bought for this was the hoop. Yay. Instructions below the jump.

What you need for this project:

Embroidery hoop


Hot glue gun/glue

Small nail for hanging


I too found my embroidery hoop at thrifty Savers for .69 cents… sweet. (Although you can get a new one for $1.50 or so at any craft store… but you know I love a good deal.)

I went through my ribbon and found some colors that went together:


I’m kind of a haphazard crafter; I rarely measure things, I like to eyeball. I don’t typically pre-plan, I just kinda go for it and it turns out how it does. This doesn’t always work :) but in this case, it worked out better than I thought, which was a nice surprise. It only took me about 15 minutes to put everything together.

I began with the middle piece of ribbon first, the longest piece. Separate your embroidery hoops–you’ll be gluing the ribbon onto the outside edge of the inner one. I put a thin strip of hot glue on the top of the inner embroidery circle, and pressed the ribbon down gently in short touches. (With the sheer stuff, it gets a little sticky, so be careful not to burn your finger. Opaque ribbon is a little easier to press down.)


Once the glue cooled a bit, I pressed and rolled the hoop on the counter to flatten the glue so it would fit beneath the larger hoop. I stretched the ribbon as much as I could before I glued it onto the other side of the hoop–you want it very taut so that it will hold the clips. (I actually had to re-glue a couple of times because it wasn’t tight enough.)


I repeated this process with each color, and just made my way across the hoop, gluing, stretching, gluing once taut, etc. Then I clipped the excess ribbon so none went over the side.


Once the glue is completely cool, slip the inner hoop into the outer hoop from behind–this way your ribbon won’t catch on the outer hoop. Tighten the top of the embroidery hoop to secure.


Hang on a little nail wherever you’d like, and add your clips. It’s been so nice to take inventory at the end of the day instead of rummaging through our little jar! Hopefully we won’t lose so many now. :) Our jar now only holds elastics and headbands. Life simplified… ahhh.




3 thoughts on “Simple Hair Clip Storage

  1. So cute! I’ve been wanting to do something like that and have been looking out for a cute picture frame, but the hoop idea is so easy! Maybe a good snowy afternoon project (am I the only one who missed the forecast for today??)!

  2. I once took a large hoop and put a piece of quilted fabric (ever so slightly larger than the actual hoop), put the top (or larger) hoop over the fabric and stretched the fabric as tight as I could get it. At that point, I put lace around the top hoop for decoration (with a hot glue gun) and put some tiny ribbon flowers at stragic places to make it look pretty. I then used the fabric to push my post-backed earrings through, attached the butterfly backing onto the post and hung the whole thing on the wall as a decoration. This works especially good for seldom-used earrings. Dress pins also can be pinned to the fabric. Makes more room in your jewelry box and the over-all look of the wall-hanging is sort of victorian.
    Love you, Mindy.

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