Book of Lists 5: Today I Saw…

Finally, my list! Because it’s this late in the game (whoops), this will be a digital version this month. Once I print pictures, I’ll put them into my smashbook…

Book of Lists 5 | April 2013 | Today I Saw

More like, this month I saw…

Evidences of the Little People in my Life.


I’ve been mentally compiling some of my favorite things about mommyhood, and this is by far one of my favorites: the trail of fun (although mostly mayhem) my girls leave behind. At times, it is frustrating (crayon on the window yesterday, for example), but overall I would say that I love walking into a room after my girls have been there, and spotting their “marks” they’ve left. It’s like a crime scene.

Olivia loves to crawl into our bed at random and look at books… in or out of the covers. The photo above was taken while I was getting ready in the morning and she decided to wait for me in my bed and catch up on her reading. ;) Her current favorite read is Raul’s Calvin and Hobbes book on his nightstand. She will ask me to read the comic strips to her, and she usually doesn’t understand the humor at all, but I usually laugh aloud at it and I think she enjoys this. She likes pointing out how cute Hobbes is, too. It’s become a sweet thing for us to do in the afternoons, or before R gets home from work & we’re trying to tidy up! (But are easily distracted…)



Natalie has gotten into the habit of pulling little chairs up to everything for access. And removing chair cushions before crawling inside, especially in this old, brown chair. The fun of having two kiddos is seeing how vastly different they are… Liv would never take a chair cushion off before sitting… Natalie tosses it without thinking twice, and uses it to boost up to where she wants to go, and to catch her when she topples out. I love it.

Silly Quirks of Dexter, our Chocolate Lab.

Our dog, a 4-year-old lab, has issues with tags. Don’t ask me why…

Ever since I can remember, he has torn tags off of towels and clothes if he came across them… usually when we replaced the towels in his crate. He’s very professional with this–no damage is done to the towel, and the tags are immaculately sitting somewhere for us to find. I found this a week ago, on the living room floor:


It made me laugh because I’d forgotten about this quirk–Dex drives me nutso, but for some reason things like this just endear him to me. And, let’s be honest, still drive me nuts.

And a true random spotting: Doctor Who…??

While the kids were resting/napping today, and Raul was home, I went for a walk by myself, which is seriously a luxury these days and something I don’t do nearly enough. Ahhh. Anyway, I was on my way home when I spotted this across the street from me:


Could it be?? The Tardis hiding under a tarp? If you haven’t seen Doctor Who, this is absolute mumbo-jumbo to you, but if you watch… all I can say is… ooh wee oooh….. :)


All of these little somethings are small in everyday life, but I’ve really enjoyed looking for them and being touched by them. I feel keenly aware that this special time at home with my girls is a short season in the scheme of life, and seeing them through this list was so sweet and fun.

While it took for me to post about it, I will say it was great to be a little more mindful–it’s something I’d like to continue doing. I definitely had sentimental eyes this month (Dr. Who aside), but I think in general, there are soo many times I see something and want to take a picture of it, or write about it, simply just because. Simple things, like coffee and a pretty breakfast. It’s a must for the creative spirit, I think; doodling, writing, making, just because. I’m trying to figure out how to make this more a part of my life as full-time mom.. it’s tougher than I thought it would be. But these lists are certainly helping me begin. :)

Next month’s list topic is I Always Have With Me… This will be a fun one to share. New to the lists? Click here.


Lifelines in Knitting





Simply thread a scrap of yarn (contrasting color to your knitting, preferably) through a row of stitches to hold your place while you keep knitting on. If you mess up, you can pull out the knitting until the lifeline, put those held stitches onto your needle, and begin from there. Brilliant.

This is perfect for patterns that repeat every X rows–what I’m working on above repeats every 16 rows, so I lifeline at the end of the 16th row, knit on, then lifeline again. The contrasting yarn is easy to pull out once you’ve finished your knitting.

Unfortunately, I have pulled out the above project 4 times in the last couple of months… gah… mostly due to trying to knit while watching Seinfeld or movies.  I just can’t multitask when it comes to knitting; maybe books on tape would be the thing to do? Anyway, I felt like I had to share this little reminder just in case you too were knitting something lovely, and may want to save yourself some trouble. Or a lot of trouble, as was my case :)

Happy knitting!

PS. Book of Lists on the way…

Goodbye, March








Just a blip of home life recently… Every morning begins with coffee, of course.  {More like creamer with a little coffee…} :) I am a wee behind on my Book of Lists this week; it should be up this weekend. With friends on Spring Break and Easter last weekend, we’ve been on the go! Although I’m happy to say that one little knit project is a touch away from being finished (white yarn, above) for a little cutie who just turned two.

We had a nice Easter weekend, spent with family. The girls hunted for eggs, consumed lots {and lots} of colorful sugar, dyed eggs, and loved snuggling with Bueli, Grandpa, and Papa.





I love blurred photos of kids… it’s just exactly how they are, jittery and too excited to sit still. :) My friend/sister-in-law Shannon set up a cute kids’ table–Liv loved all the decorations and candy. Of course.


It was a fun, but quiet weekend; I very much appreciated this and felt like I was able to reflect on what Easter means to me. Our pastor gave a wonderful sermon on Sunday about Jesus being the Good Shepherd–he used a text I normally I don’t hear this time of year, but one that is very precious to my heart: John 10.  If you’d like, you can listen to it here–just click the sermon on the top, titled “The Great Shepherd.” (In the beginning of the sermon, we watched a short video, so it’s quiet for a little while… keep listening :)

This last year, through Bible studies, I’ve gleaned so much about Jesus’ character; I don’t think my heart was soft enough to notice some of these things before, even though I’d read the same verses over the years…So I’m grateful to be in a place where they nurture my hurt and give me comfort. Do you ever hug your Bible? :) I feel like I’ve been doing that a little more lately, just appreciating God’s word and what it speaks into my life. Through the book of John especially, I am continually touched by how compassionate, gracious, and kind Christ is to those he interacts with. Full of truth, gentle… and also just, and righteous, and beyond powerful.  I am awestruck and humbled to personally know and serve a God like this, who truly loves and shows me how to love. And this time of year especially, it is wonderful to be assured that those who believe in Him will rise with Him–a precious promise my mom clung to last February, and one that I know I will claim myself someday. Amen!

{I appreciate you reading my journey through grief… I never really know how much to mention things, but I know I’m changing and growing, and writing just helps so much! And having you be a part of it helps me learn how to be more transparent…something that’s on my bucket list of life… :) }

And so it’s April already. I wish our spring season was longer in Colorado–either our little flowers get pummeled with snow once they sprout, or they wither up once the moisture stops and the heat pours in.  Right now I’m trying to figure out what to plant in our raised beds this year… something I probably should’ve figured out before now. ;)

Enjoy your day, friends!