Lifelines in Knitting





Simply thread a scrap of yarn (contrasting color to your knitting, preferably) through a row of stitches to hold your place while you keep knitting on. If you mess up, you can pull out the knitting until the lifeline, put those held stitches onto your needle, and begin from there. Brilliant.

This is perfect for patterns that repeat every X rows–what I’m working on above repeats every 16 rows, so I lifeline at the end of the 16th row, knit on, then lifeline again. The contrasting yarn is easy to pull out once you’ve finished your knitting.

Unfortunately, I have pulled out the above project 4 times in the last couple of months… gah… mostly due to trying to knit while watching Seinfeld or movies.  I just can’t multitask when it comes to knitting; maybe books on tape would be the thing to do? Anyway, I felt like I had to share this little reminder just in case you too were knitting something lovely, and may want to save yourself some trouble. Or a lot of trouble, as was my case :)

Happy knitting!

PS. Book of Lists on the way…


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