Garden Love.


I don’t read too many gardening blogs, but I came across this one today and have been digesting it during naptime… which is quickly coming to a close, so I need to be quick… :) Lorraine is a well-seasoned botanist who lives in the Denver area; an encouragement to me as I tend to find articles written for humid climates! The above quote is hers–she suggests planting gardens close to the house as they then “become part of the household,” and easier to tend. I love that. And when I read this quote, I inwardly said, “Awww,” which is always a good thing.

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planting time


Liv & I took advantage of this cloudy afternoon by planting our garden today! She loves helping, and did a wonderful job planting seeds, holding the hose to water them, and generally telling me what the plants need to survive.


“They need sunshine and water, Mommy… lots and lots.” She’ll be good garden accountability this year.

I decided to plant quite a few things this year, which will prove interesting; because my little girl is counting on things to grow (and I’m counting on her to eat them, ha!), I better stay on top of it this year.  Past years have not fared so well… but each new growing season is a new season to grow. Right? Too cheesy? :)


Typically this is how I approach May:

-In April, I tend to get alllll excited about planting things…without a plan…

-Rush out to buy seeds in early May, only to plant them too late in the season, typically…don’t ask me why.

-Overthink my plan and psych myself out a bit about it

-Forget to water, or don’t water enough or regularly (oops)

So this year, I bought only a few packets of seeds, put them in the ground without overthinking it, and am going to water them like crazy. We’ll see how it goes. I tend to want to get into the science behind everything while ignoring the basics. :) All we need now are vegetable markers; I’m thinking something easy, like rocks or sticks.


We are also waiting on a sweet potato to sprout some leaves, and we have flower seeds to plant in little planters as well. I’m so glad summer is almost here and we will be spending more time outside!  We love it. We’ve begun eating dinners outside this month and really, not much beats that. Below: why I love pickle jars so much. They hold everything. Like seeds.


I gathered some snapdragon seeds from our dead plants in the front yard… My mother-in-law Bea is always so good about doing this with her plants–she’s taught me a lot over the years, just little tidbits about planting here and there when we visit. This is something I wouldn’t have given much thought to prior, but makes perfect sense. I love that you can harvest from your own plants and share the love!


Tiny little black seeds they are! Snapdragons are one of my favorite flowers, especially the multi-colored kind (pink, orange, yellow). So happy. AND, they bloom several times during the summer and fall. Gotta love that.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I’ve noticed I am more unorganized and unfocused NOT posting–I’ve really missed it! It’s good to be back and I look forward to thinning our schedule so we’ll have more time for creativity, crafting, and other good, light-hearted things.

For someone like me, creative efforts are essential to everyday life… I’m working on making this happen on a daily basis. This book has been helping me feel inspired. {I know it’s nearly summer when I break out books like this! I should probably be reading more serious fare, but I looove going to the library for creative books during the lazy days of summer. They’re my acorns for the fall and winter when I’m cooped up inside and need ideas…}

We hope you’re having a lovely Spring and enjoying all the birdsongs in the air these days! From our crazy-haired family to yours… much love!