Garden Love.


I don’t read too many gardening blogs, but I came across this one today and have been digesting it during naptime… which is quickly coming to a close, so I need to be quick… :) Lorraine is a well-seasoned botanist who lives in the Denver area; an encouragement to me as I tend to find articles written for humid climates! The above quote is hers–she suggests planting gardens close to the house as they then “become part of the household,” and easier to tend. I love that. And when I read this quote, I inwardly said, “Awww,” which is always a good thing.

I’m pleased to say our garden has been seeing my shadow often.


Tending to our garden and lawn has been a real respite for me… a peaceful task. The girls love helping, too. I’m facing my fear of critters and spiders as I weed and dig around the yard–blech. But a willing blech. I still jump like a loon when one comes scampering out from behind leaves!

SAMSUNG Anyway… We now have sprouts! Seedlings! Life!

I am ready and eager to begin training the cukes and pumpkins on these cute little trellis’ we bought at Home Depot ($9). Our carrots and spinach are growing well, and if you look close, the thin, lanky green onions and brussel sprouts are rearing their little heads… although I fear I planted the spinach and sprouts too late in the season. We’ll see what they do.


I’ve been loving our flowers too… geraniums, petunias, violas, vinca, and a little patch of pansies that have made their way into our yard.






We mulched the front garden area, and it looks soo much better. I heart mulch.

Time to get the kidlets, who are now up and bouncy upstairs…I’ll be back. :)


2 thoughts on “Garden Love.

  1. Sweet! I love all those flowers. I think your spinach will be fine…leafing (is that a word?) up in no time. Love how your garden is coming along.

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