I like to say Salsa.


Salsa is veggie confetti–happiness in a bowl. To Raul and I, Summertime = Salsa. And you can’t have salsa without quoting Seinfeld. At least, we can’t.

My favorite salsa recipe {more like pico de gallo, or salsa fresca} comes from my favorite cookbook, the All New Good Housekeeping Cookbook. {Everything I’ve attempted from this book has turned out beautifully…wonderful instructions. And my Aunt Laura just sent me the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, which I have yet to really sit and look through, but already it looks like a go-to, too!}


Anyway, their recipe is the usual brew of ingredients (tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, jalepeno, salt), but they say to add lime zest, which really makes all the difference. Truly. De.li.cious.

I chop my tomatoes chunky, and let the red onion sit in the lime juice for awhile to take some of the edge off before adding them to the rest of the salsa. {It probably doesn’t matter, but that’s how I do it.} I throw everything together and tweak it to our liking. Simple & quick.


Colors of summer… how I love you.


4 thoughts on “I like to say Salsa.

  1. Yum..I have been making your pico ever since I tried yours. ill try the lemon zest next time. Yes to chuncky!

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