Garden Update & Roses


Roses & jars. Can you get more vintage than that? I am loving this.

We have lived in our house almost six years, and just a few days ago did I realize what little gems these roses are. I have ignored our rose bushes since we’ve moved in because a) I have no idea how to prune them properly {I’ve tried and whoops}, and b) they’re in awkward locations around the yard.  And as much as I love vintage goodness, I guess I usually view roses as out-dated in a faded way, at least when it comes to curb appeal. To me, they’d look best with an adorable 1950’s ranch house, and a grandma who greets you with sun tea and cookies when you come to visit. Now that is a perfect description of how I see roses. I don’t not like them; I would just rather have a sweet grandma who knows what she’s doing take care of them for me.

But on Father’s Day, when we were saying goodbye to our dads in the driveway, I began realizing how lovely these little bushes could be. They were so neglected, and yet they still bore tons of blooms. And my heart grew six sizes that day. ;)

I ran inside and came back out with my clippers, gathering the most recent blooms in an old green bucket. I dunked them in water, cut off the thorns, and pulled out my favorite old jars to put them in. I’ve always thought a cutting garden would be cool–why had I never done this before?




That big red one on the middle left smells I need to start taking care of these bushes!


{Here’s a shot as an ode to Jane Brocket of Yarnstorm, a lovely blog I’ve read over the years. She always has shots of her toes with her crazy abundance of beautiful English flowers.}

While I’m out, here’s a quick update on the homefront, yard-wise… Our lavender is finally blooming:



Olivia likes to pick these for me. :) Her little hands always smell so good afterward, ha! This is one of my favorite things about summer, this lavender.


And our garden is growing! We are enjoying tending to it almost daily–mostly with weeding and watering. The jack-be-little pumpkins are doing well (large plants on the left), and the Boston cukes are growing, but slowly.


The tomatoes are doing great, spinach, green onions, and brussel sprouts are good, and the carrots are gettin’ there… but something is enjoying the leaves. Bums me out! I’m not sure who the culprit is, if it’s an animal or bug… ehh…but I’m pretty annoyed just the same. We may have to pull them early. Should I make a frame for these next time? If there IS a next time… :)


It feels good to take care of what we have.  I’m glad my heart has finally turned toward my roses (oh, R could tell you how I’ve grumbled about them) and hopefully my thumb is turning a little more green as I go this year.


12 thoughts on “Garden Update & Roses

  1. I am so glad you discovered a love for your roses and for sharing how important it is to care for what we already have. Olivia and Natalie will carry that lesson in their precious spirits for many years to come, as will I. God shows His love in every area of His Creation. Thank you for showing us how He does this with the lovely rose.

    “Like a rose trampled on the ground, He took the fall, and thought of us most of all. “

  2. I have tons of roses and have not liked them for years. I spent lots of time cutting them to the ground only to have them pop up again! Wade recently told me it was God teaching me a lesson to be nicer to my roses :) It made me laugh reading this just a few days after he told me that.

  3. ah! i love roses even if it’s a cliche rose to love! they smell so good (sometimes) and are so petally. jealous of your yard owning skills. june is the month for roses and i walk down my neighborhood like a back slash, trying to smell garden roses in yards that are not mine…

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