Summer Butterflies


I feel like the joys of summer are amplified with my little girls around.  We have been spending most of our days outside, exploring, and I love how they keep themselves busy as bees with seemingly small tasks, but to them, Very Important and Necessary. Like watering mommy’s garden. Or organizing rocks on the railroad ties by the trees.


Yesterday, we had a butterfly friend join us. It fluttered around our garden area, wanting to say hello, so I told the girls to stand very still and hold their hands out, and maybe she would stop for them. I love taking candid shots, and these are some of my favorite:




This is what joy looks like on a hot June afternoon! We have a stream of Monarch butterflies in the summer, but they usually float high and aren’t within reach. I was glad this one was curious about their garden duties and hung out for awhile.



“The day wouldn’t be complete without a swing after supper,” says a book of theirs. Well, for us, the day wouldn’t be complete without a slide any time.  They enjoyed hamming it up for these pictures. (We gave this slide to Liv when she turned 2–I can’t believe how big she is now! She was Natalie’s size way back when.)



Dex, as intense as always….knowing he shouldn’t be pulling branches off our bushes, but what’s new…


Liv helped me gather lavender for my lavender jar before we went inside. (I totally used car shades for this shot–made a difference in lighting her face. Pretty cool!)



Love the face plant.

Two years ago, she was my little helper picking lavender and I love that it has become a tradition for us. How precious that mommies are in charge of creating these special memories for our kids! And for our own tender hearts to treasure away.

shot_1309966065638 shot_1309966388191 shot_1309966091168

All that’s missing in these photos is lemonade and a sprinkler. Next time. :)


6 thoughts on “Summer Butterflies

  1. Looks like summer for sure! I love all that lavender…so pretty! How fun that you have the same pictures from a while back….too cute. Yeah for butterflies and slides!

  2. Mindy…..I’m glad to see you are enjoying the fun of summer with the girls. Many Moms don’t discover the delight of it with their little ones. I always looked forward to the laid-back days and the opportunity to do “kid” things again.

  3. Super cute! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. My kids are fighting over who gets to pick up the dog poop today…wonder how long this small joy will last??

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