Our Summer Bounty

Well… maybe “bounty” is stretching it a little. But our garden IS producing some fun stuff, and Liv has been right there to gather it up. I am so glad our garden has survived this year! A first, this late in the summer. I knew growing things together would be more fun than trying to do it all by myself.


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the Simple Project.

This sign adorns the entrance of our house, and convicts me all the time. In a good way.


I love the meaning behind this sign, on so many levels… Simplicity is a deeply ingrained desire of mine. ย Because I’m in Mommyhood right now, I realize this doesn’t mean a perfectly clean house, as great as that’d be… You live in your house, mess happens, it’s all good. But to me, it’s more than just “mess”… it means “less.” I could keep our house simple and efficient if I had less to work with.

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