Our Summer Bounty

Well… maybe “bounty” is stretching it a little. But our garden IS producing some fun stuff, and Liv has been right there to gather it up. I am so glad our garden has survived this year! A first, this late in the summer. I knew growing things together would be more fun than trying to do it all by myself.




While I am super stoked we grew some carrots, don’t be fooled… these are pretty tiny :) They look huge in this picture!

Yesterday, we picked some Boston cukes and cherry tomatoes. Olivia loved wearing mommy’s gloves, and peeking under the huge leaves to find the cucumbers. “I found one, I found one!” she’d say. When I told her she was awesome because she helped grow them, she smiled in a shy, humble way, obviously proud of herself. I love it when you say something to a child and they are touched, and you see it come across in their big eyes, little chins, little noses.



I told her we were going to make pickles. So we looked upย this recipe and we made some–Liv helped pour the vinegar, sugar, and salt into a saucepan. She also helped stuff dill into the jar while I layered the pickles between it. I love having a little helper–next year, we’ll have to bring Natalie in on it.




This is the first time we’ve tried this; I can’t wait to see how they turn out. All I know is there is great satisfaction in growing your own food; I wish I had grown the dill, too! How gorgeous is that?

We’re now waiting on brussel sprouts, more cukes, big beef tomatoes, and our jack be little pumpkins. They are doing great growing vertically–we may need a taller trellis next year. ย Fall is on its way…. ย I know I shouldn’t wish for it too soon, but it’s hard to ignore when I see these cuties out my window.


And my favorite cuties, who continue to grow and amaze me daily:


It has been a wonderful nurturing season, in every sense of the word. :)


2 thoughts on “Our Summer Bounty

  1. These pics are awesome! So summer-y (with a hint of fall!). Those pickles look amazing. I can’t wait to hear how they turn out. Lovin’ your garden!

  2. Such fun with the girlies! When our guys were little we sure enjoyed our garden! There is that window of time when they love the newness and growth! Let me know how the pickles taste:)

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