On the cusp

It’s a crisp 61 degrees this morning, and feeling fall so close makes me happy. It’s that odd time of year where Summer brushes against Fall in the seasonal doorway, coming and going, and they’re awkwardly being polite to each other… “After you.” “No, you first, please.” We’re usually still baking in August, and I always feel kinda frustrated because August is when everything “fall” begins.  Shouldn’t the temperature just plummet in agreement with that? I wish. Thankfully, this summer has been beautifully cool–oddly cool, for our area. I’d have to say that for once, I haven’t been pining for fall quite as much. But I still pine some, always. :)

This morning, while setting out our sprinkler, I heard the nearby elementary school bell ring, and I imagined all the cute little kids wiggling in their seats, nervous and anxious to be there. New crayons, markers, and carefully organized canvas pencil bags are about to be decimated. New shoes will find their first scuffs today. Droves of cars will be parading down our street at 3pm to pick up their little ones–the girls and I can no longer go to the school playground until late afternoon (so says the sign on the chainlink fence). A new season has officially begun!

And with that, a new phase for my garden. Some uh-ohs, as Natalie would say.


I totally let my thai basil flower.  Oops. The flowers are pretty… but I’m sad these plants will probably be shutting down soon; not sure I can salvage them.  (The other herbs are still thriving–whew.)

My pumpkin plant has some good news, and bad news. The good news:




We have picked 12 pumpkins so far! How fun is that? Liv had a blast grabbing these from under all the leaves.  We also were able to pick and eat some cherry tomatoes, but Natalie didn’t understand we don’t eat the green ones… so she helped herself.



She ate one before deciding she’d just play with the rest.

The bad news about our pumpkin plant:



Powdery mildew. Common with squash, but still a bummer to see.  We’ve been getting rain at night (love!) but I think that’s what’s caused this mildew issue. I’ve been reading that a combo of 80% water/20% milk (or thereabouts) sprayed on the plant will help–proteins in milk help break down the mildew, who knew?–but I’m a little eh to try it. I really want to try to salvage these as I want pumpkins to continue this fall, so I may give an update on how that went soon. I’m hoping some of the girls’ little friends can come over to pick some “unkins” (another Natalie-ism)  in the next couple months once we figure this out.

PS. Our pickles were delicious. :)


One thought on “On the cusp

  1. Awesome! It’s been getting chilly here too. I love all those little pumpkins. You’ll have let us know about the mildew solutions. I’ve been wondering about your pickles! You inspired me to make some. They’ll be ready in a few more days. Love the pictures of your girls!

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