I recently read the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t stop Talking, and discovered that I am officially an introvert.  I’ve always kinda known this, but when I silently answered “yes” to every question on the author’s list of introvert qualities, I didn’t realize I was so far on that side of the scale!  I kept finding myself nodding in agreement while reading, laughing or even grimacing because I could relate to the feelings and situations presented.  I appreciated the dissection of introverted leadership and why it’s a good thing (Chapter 2), as well as her suggestions for encouraging an introverted child.  I also liked Chapter 9, where she looks at effective communicators and public speakers who are indeed introverted, but you’d never guess it. (The secret? If you’re passionate about your subject, have a true love for it, this may outweigh the fear of speaking about it. Duly noted! This took me way back, when I had to give a speech in a Public Speaking class and talked about tea. I even handed out a few of my favorites. I was terribly nervous however… but maybe I appeared confident? I’ll never watch the video they took of us to critique… 10 years later…)

It’s a very interesting read, and I’d think a definite challenge to an extrovert personality (but may be a helpful guide to understanding introverted friends and family).

All of this to say… At this moment [while blogging earlier], my husband and girls are napping on a warm Sunday afternoon, I am writing in complete solitude with my favorite cup of tea nearby, and I am recharging faster than my phone right now {insert electrical power-line zap noises}.


What a lovely summer this has been!  The girls and I grew a garden (!), spent most of our days outdoors at the park or in the backyard, painted our nails endless colors, made a bottomless bowl of salsa for three months, and cultivated new {and old} friendships.  Iron sharpens iron indeed. With both my girls older and on the go now, it was so much easier to just get up n’ go. Kinda like this:

I love the easy-breezy nature of summer, but I’m looking forward to settling into a new fall routine this week. I read something the other day that said, “Stop the glorification of busy,” which I loved, and I’d like to add, “enjoy the quiet.” This, coming from a complete introvert, of course. :)


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