fall spottings







Remember the simplicity project? I have been slowly whittling away at areas around the house (reveals on the way), and holiday decorations were hit pretty hard last month. I think I always post similar pictures this time of year (sorry!) but I can’t help it. It just makes me happy to see fall around our place. I packed up some fall garlands and odds n’ ends for Savers, and kept only what I absolutely *love*…  which now only takes up one plastic bin.  And what I love are my plastic and ceramic pumpkins, which took me all of 5 minutes to put around the house. Woot woot. And jack-be-littles from the garden. Speaking of which…


Ever since the mildew disaster a few weeks ago, I chopped my pumpkin plants back to about 1/8 the size. (This baby grew fast; when I pruned it, there were only a few leaves!) Only one plant (out of 3) survived the mildew spell… and I had to take out the cukes entirely.  Sad.  There was a tiny bit of mildew on what remained of the pumpkins, but I tried the milk treatment (water +milk spray) on the leaves and stems and it’s been working. I’m amazed. Soo cool.  I’ve been watching it everyday and hopefully I can keep it growing through the fall without it succumbing to the mildew again. So there is always hope, even for a lone pumpkin plant.


What on earth am I going to post about when this plant’s done growing…? ;)


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