Autumn Days


One of my favorite things about having little ones is that they are full of nostalgia and they don’t even know it. They leave a sparkly trail of it everywhere they go, and they have no idea they can bring such magic back into an adult’s life, even for a moment.

When I took Liv & Natalie to the park today for some fall-ish photos and a picnic, little memories came back to me that i haven’t thought about in a long time.  Mostly, that specific feeling of just wanting to run and play, despite frozen fingertips and a cold, snotty pink nose.  I completely remember it, that freedom, and it feels good.

I kept asking them if they were cold, if they needed to put their gloves on, (because now I’m the Mama and it’s my Job) but they were quick to chirp “No!” and dart away.  So I just snapped a bunch of pictures on my phone, and we enjoyed the afternoon before coming home for naps (which is a habit I am really trying to get into myself now and then!).







I know nothing about photography, zip zero, but I know what I like when I see it, and I love seeing the little faces I know so well in pictures. I think that was one of the best pieces of advice I gleaned from a photography-for-kids book awhile back: Think about the expressions that make your child unique, or that little curl of hair that never seems to fit in the back of a ponytail. The tiny things you notice everyday, but will be gone so soon. Those are the kinds of pictures I want to have of my girls so when I flip back through in 20 years, it takes me right back and my heart beats a little faster because I remember these little days.



The two above are a perfect example of this… Natalie’s face can just go from super happy to super sour in one second. It makes me laugh because this is just soo her.  Just click click click and don’t even look at your pictures until you’ve gotten home–it’s like a wonderful surprise to see what you’ve caught. (Unless you actually have some knowledge of photography, haha. :)


I love this one too. Honest pictures. I thought they would just lay in the leaves and be cute… which they are, but Liv is laughing, and Natalie didn’t want to put her arms down and looks like she’s fighting off some invisible beast. Of course. She didn’t even cry, she just kinda… wiggled around like a bug for awhile before they were up and at em’ again.






Pink beanie caps: .25 cents from Walmart

Leggings in pink and denim: $5

An afternoon with these two: Priceless


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