Knitting Needle Card

Inventory1Don’t know what knitting needles you have while you’re out and about, and see a good sale? Fear not–just make a little inventory card for your wallet. (This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a looong.time… so happy I finally sat down and printed one up!)

While the girls were watching Daniel Tiger this morning, and I was admiring his accurately-knit sweater, I decided to finally go through my knitting needles–a small, but easy organization project that will hopefully spur on more this week. Ā I now have one jar for double pointed needles, one jar for straight needles, and a small container for all circulars. Dunzo.

After jotting down all sizes on a notecard, I just typed it up, printed it out, and fit it onto a piece of cardstock the size of a business card. (I used Eras Light ITC, size 12 and 8.)



The great thing is that I mostly finished before the show was over. I just had to build a fort to keep the kidlets entertained while I laminated it with packing tape (look at that lovely line!) Ā  I’ve tried using Ravelry’s inventory sheet, and even though it’s online and easy to update, I’m a tactile person to the core… so this should work a bit better for me, even if I have to reprint it with updates now and then.

I made one for my wallet, and one for my notions bag–so the next time I’m standing in front of a clearance bin at a cute little knitting shop….




5 thoughts on “Knitting Needle Card

  1. uh, i should totally do this (which i know you already know but i need to remind myself). i like this idea of organizing at home as well – mine are all in a old shopping bag which is way less chic. your like the hepburn of knitting sometimes, seriously…

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