Quiet Changes

Before I put the girls down for their quiet times today, Natalie looked out the window and said, “oh-flake!” “No,” I said, “those are leaves falling. Aren’t they pretty?” It’s been dark and gray today, and the leaves are falling at a steady, whispering pace.  It’s been a beautiful fall season in Denver this year.

If the trees have been getting ready to sleep for winter, now they are finally beginning to snore, gently blowing leaves out with every exhale. A time under heaven for everything… today, a gray, gloomy, and leafy yellow day.



Gray days = a reason to drink tea and wear warm socks and savor it awhile.  And maybe teach my kids to savor it: to slow down, to pay attention to what’s going on around them, and to appreciate these pockets of quiet…Hmm, how do I do this with a 2 and 3 year old, exactly?  As soon as I sit down anywhere, it’s like their battery power skyrockets and they blast off.  But I’m sure there are ways, and I’m sure it has more to do with what I’m willing to do rather than what they are able to do!

This break for me today, to just sit outside awhile by my lonesome and take pictures, was awesome.  Cold, but awesome. Three hours earlier: my two dear little cardigans had a major meltdown inside AND outside of a shoe store… all because I wouldn’t buy pink shoes for one, and the other had to put her shoes back ON. Natalie pulled her signature move too, the Fish Flop, on me.  It’s like, where do your bones go?? How can you just invert them so I can’t hang onto you at ALL? An hour before that, Natalie colored all over her face with permanent green marker. Thankfully, hand sanitizer takes this right off… in case your littles ever watch and learn from mine….

So it’s been that sort of day. A typical day, right? :) No, some days are exceptionally drama free.  Anyway, back to quiet moments… My girls probably won’t realize how important these pockets of quiet are until they’re mommies themselves, I’m convinced… and I look forward to that day, Lordwilling, when I brew some coffee and pass the cup to one or the other, and nod in understanding.  Now I completely realize why both my mom, and Raul’s mom, laughed when we would tell them our baby woes as new parents.



The thing is, I don’t want to just carve out times of peace, as important as that is and as much as I love it… I want to live a peaceful life despite and during whatever circumstances I’m in. And I know it’s possible; God’s Word invites us to this lifestyle through Him all over the place (Col. 3: 12-15, John 14:26-27).  My thoughts are fine-tuned toward this daily struggle yet again as R & I are in the middle of quiet changes. Church-related, actually–our own little family is doing well, but we are going through some changes with our church family.  And looking at it in the big picture, or trying to, the changes we’re experiencing are good and important, but you still know you’re going to miss how things were, even before you know how things will be.

We’ve been through slightly similar circumstances before, and God graciously helped us through it, and I know He will again because He wants to (Hebrews 4:6).  I’ll always prefer slow change to manic, instantaneous change, but quiet changes aren’t easy, either.  They’re just a little more kind to your heart as you adjust, even if you don’t realize that at the time.  So that’s what I’m thinking about these days. Asking the Lord for the grace and humility to adjust, again, and hopefully be an encouragement where we’re planted.  Seasons change, but the Lord endures forever, and I can’t express what freedom there is in knowing there is One Constant in life!


Look at these leaves. Could there be a happier sight in October?

Change, change: how necessary before a new season can begin, and how necessary for us to be a little unsteady sometimes so that we depend on Him rather than ourselves.


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