Playing Catch Up

My, how quickly November and December came and went this year. I have been meaning to post a few photos from our trip to Puerto Rico for… Get ready for some collage fun here.

October 30 – November 5, 2013: Puerto Rico

PR2Collage PR3Collage PR4Collage PR5Collage

We went to Puerto Rico for the wedding of Raul’s cousin Myriam in early November, and it was a wonderful vacation with the girls and family–some family we hadn’t seen in a very long time, so it was lovely to see them! Snowy and cold when we left at 4AM, two flights later, we touched down into balmy, 85-degree weather. (Natalie’s cozy footie pajamas that she traveled in looked so odd among shorts and tanks all around…)

Favorite things about the trip: The warm-watered beaches, sand, pastel-colored buildings and cobbled streets in San Juan, abundance of banana trees, my first pina colada (yum), my first cigar (although I couldn’t puff correctly, so that was short lived, haha), and making memories with our girls and family.

(If you ever go, I must warn you about the sand mites. No bueno. I didn’t even realize I had been bit by a bazillion on my legs until a day after returning! Other than that, it was an awesome trip.)

We had a little party for Natalie’s 2nd Birthday when we returned…and shortly after, she had her first haircut. She did great.



Yup, that owl is cake, and it was delicious. :) We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with my dad, and hosted our 2nd Annual 5K the day after. We are loving this tradition! After we run the lake three times, we all gather for cider and snacks.


That night, we began Christmas early by going to Dtown Littleton. The girls waved and called out to Santa Claus as he passed by on a truck, lighting up each block with lights as he passed. As if the lights and wonder of the season weren’t enough, I was even able to sneak into the Pink Attic Cat, a favorite vintage shop o mine, for a bit. My night was complete.




December has been full of Christmas light drive-bys, cookies, time with friends, and time to reflect on Christ’s birth, saving grace, and faithfulness.  I look forward to taking some time to think about this year as a whole and make plans for next. And send out Christmas cards eventually; they may morph into Valentine’s cards this year. ;) I hope you are well and enjoying these last few days of 2013!