Extra Yarn :: On the Needles

Every so often, we find a total gem at the library.  This is the one we found this week:


Okay, so I was way more excited about this than Olivia or Natalie were, but they do like the story and the fact that they can relate since they know my yarn stash well! The illustrations are soo.cute and simple; I love the colorful yarn in a dreary b&w land. And that this little girl is a knitter extraordinaire with a magical box of endless yarn.  (Read an interview with the illustrator here, Seven Questions Over Breakfast with Jon Klassen.)



But what I may love the most about this book is how crisp the stockinette stitch is on every page. Isn’t it lovely?  When you learn how to knit, and begin recognizing stitches on everyday clothes and blankets, it’s an exciting thing. I remember when I learned this stitch, and became a bit obsessed with it… still am, obviously….


Anyway. Just had to share with you. Not only have we been reading this lately, but it’s inspired me to get my own needles out and get knitting… Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m hoping to finish this week:


It’s a chunky cardigan for a special little someone on the way–he is due this week, so I better get on it! More soon, including pattern sources. Happy knitting!


4 thoughts on “Extra Yarn :: On the Needles

  1. Love this book! It was nominated for the Colorado Children’s Book Award this school year. The illustrations are great too. Can’t wait to see that cardi all done! Mine is slow going, but fun.

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