Recently :: April

It’s not entirely fair to make this an April update, as it’s only the third… but it’s been a productive crafty afternoon, so here’s where we’ll start. (Today’s post is brought to you by two little girls who are actually having *quiet* time today, so I can focus on some creative endeavors… yay.)

Recently :: April

> I planted cool weather plants for the first time: radish, spinach, carrots, peas, and sweetpeas (flowers). I am happy to say the radishes are sprouting, as are a few spinach plants–I’ve never grown veggies this time of year, so I’m fairly fascinated that they are liking the cold temps. (I did grow carrots last year, but I’m sure I planted them at the wrong time…) I’m hoping most of these crops (“crops”? haha! We’ll see) are ready to gather by Mother’s Day/June time frame so I can add compost to the beds and plant warm weather plants… Tomatoes, and lots of squash/pumpkins. Can’t wait.

> A trip to Walmart this morning yielded some fun finds. A graph paper composition notebook for a gardening journal (inspired by this one), some inexpensive washi tape, and yarn (to finish the cardigan). I have been thinking about starting a gardening journal for awhile, then a friend mentioned it to me, and jump started my thoughts on the matter all over again… So I began one today:

PicMonkey Collage

The purple hydrangea paper is from my wedding invitations, which I still love. I’m not finished with the cover, and am keeping my eyes open for the perfect thing to add… I toyed with my chipboard letters and papers and nothing was feeling right, so I’ll wait. It’s probably in some magazine somewhere, or card someone has given me, or something completely random and wonderful like that, and I’ll know it when I see it.

I love the idea of chronicling the evolution of your yard and how you’ve made it your own… so I will probably start there, with some pictures and details, a la the inspiration journal (link above).  We’ve done quite a bit to this house, inside and out, over the last 6 years–little things that have made a big difference to us. It’ll be fun to look up pictures to print, and revisit that. You know I’m going to love taping seed packets and such in here… ahhh.  I wish I had started this in 2008!

> In the last month, R and I have had a few awesome dates–more than we’ve had in awhile. Simple in nature, and precious to me.  Sharing a fajita plate at Chili’s… or going for a walk.  Trying to understand each other amid hectic, stressful work situations, each trying to lead in different ways and the stresses/pressures that come with that, the needs of two little girls, and all the other craziness that life brings daily.

Some days are determined to be difficult, no matter what you do. Stress and exhaustion disconnect you so easily… anyone else going through this? (And all the young parents said “Ay”… :) I encourage you to fight for your family, not with them, as easy as that can be sometimes… we went through a rough patch, but the Lord has been good to take us through a restorative time recently.  I pray He leads you and your spouse toward each other too, and heals whatever is going on that’s difficult and painful. (The fajitas at Chili’s are really good, btw…)

> And soon to be recent: My 16-week checkup for baby. Happy 4 months in utereo, little one! I am over the worst of the morning sickness, and now am just feeling pudgy and tired; I’ll take these two of the three any day. I keep thinking I feel tiny flutters a time or two a day…

Strangely, I got a pretty good jolt the other day, while I was yawning–it totally interrupted my big, eye-closed yawn and I must’ve looked stunned when it happened, because R gave me a funny look and asked if I was okay. It took me a second to realize the baby must’ve kicked me, and I burst out laughing. Wasn’t expecting that at all! I must’ve been sitting just right because that definitely isn’t the norm yet…It seems way too early to feel something like that, but I guess it just comes with the territory of being the third time around…


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