A (Circus-y) Jungle

So, long before we knew what we were having, it seemed everyone else knew we were having a boy. Although part of me might have known too–my mother-in-law gave us a cute jungle-motif mobile soon after we found out we were pregnant, and I found myself almost saying, “He’ll love it!” I guess I think boy when I think jungle, although it could be a unisex theme…

Then my friend Jona kindly passed on her crib pads, which happened to be jungle themed. Hmmm. I had always thought I’d go for a robot or outer space theme if I had a boy–this may happen later on–but the jungle seems to have been chosen for us, and I’m happy to roll with it. I found this adooorable fabric at JoAnn’s last week:


Freshly washed, waiting to be ironed and sewn. Into what… well, the fabric on the left will be curtains. The other two? Who knows; I only bought a yard of each, but I’m envisioning wall art (for the far right fabric) or some sort of cute little crib blanket. I also realized, after buying these, that they are more circus-y than jungle-y…. but not creepily so, so it’s all good. How cute is that bear with the umbrella?

I’m also hoping that by posting this here, I’ll be accountable to show you a finished product, and soon. (Gulp) I’m still working on the cardigan.Β Yes, I KNOW! See, I started seaming the sleeves, and it looked like it was for Frankenstein… stiff, lumpy, scar-like… But, I did find a great tutorial on how to seam sleeves SO, hopefully that will help un-Frankenstein it. I hope. :)