Eli = 9 months-20


I’m Mindy.  I’m one of those who loves making things by hand, being cozy, sharing tea & coffee, watching classic movies, action movies, and handling oblique pens, nibs, & ink. I love Jesus, and am beyond grateful for His grace–where would I be without it?

I’m an old creative soul who loves to write, and loves staying home with these three wonderful, active, light-up-my-life kidlets (that often keep me from writing, or inspire my writing) :

Eli = 9 months-6

I’m an English/Communications major who worked in the wild world of television as a Researcher/Casting/Production Coordinator for five years before staying home with my three munchkins.  My youngest is now three, and my dreams of writing are beginning to wake up again, now that we’ve been sleeping more through the night (mostly).

Raul, my happiness of 12 years, balances our crazy well. He is the cream in my coffee, the books on my shelf. He is left-brained, I am right-brained, and together we have a good thing goin’.

The Importance of Words.

This blog was partly born as a space of reflection after losing my mom to primary pulmonary hypertension in February 2012, after a five-year battle.  If you have a loved one with this condition, please reach out — if you ever need support, I’m available to talk with you, and be a source of information, hope, and encouragement.

Loss changes you, as many of you know well. But even though part of me will be silent forever, other parts have had the opportunity to deepen and grow, and these parts can’t be silent. It’s important to keep communicating, stay connected, praise God for his mercy and patience, and be quick to offer a kind word to anyone who may need it. I am here to offer that to you, along with the wonderful silliness that happens everyday around here.

Thanks for visiting! Be well, and say hello! I’m a firm believer in “just because” notes.



E-mail: thewritingcardigan (AT) gmail.com // Instagram: @writingcardigan


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mindy,
    So glad you are continuing with your blogging. I love to read your words, and see your cute pics of your munchkins!!

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