A (Circus-y) Jungle

So, long before we knew what we were having, it seemed everyone else knew we were having a boy. Although part of me might have known too–my mother-in-law gave us a cute jungle-motif mobile soon after we found out we were pregnant, and I found myself almost saying, “He’ll love it!” I guess I think boy when I think jungle, although it could be a unisex theme…

Then my friend Jona kindly passed on her crib pads, which happened to be jungle themed. Hmmm. I had always thought I’d go for a robot or outer space theme if I had a boy–this may happen later on–but the jungle seems to have been chosen for us, and I’m happy to roll with it. I found this adooorable fabric at JoAnn’s last week:


Freshly washed, waiting to be ironed and sewn. Into what… well, the fabric on the left will be curtains. The other two? Who knows; I only bought a yard of each, but I’m envisioning wall art (for the far right fabric) or some sort of cute little crib blanket. I also realized, after buying these, that they are more circus-y than jungle-y…. but not creepily so, so it’s all good. How cute is that bear with the umbrella?

I’m also hoping that by posting this here, I’ll be accountable to show you a finished product, and soon. (Gulp) I’m still working on the cardigan. Yes, I KNOW! See, I started seaming the sleeves, and it looked like it was for Frankenstein… stiff, lumpy, scar-like… But, I did find a great tutorial on how to seam sleeves SO, hopefully that will help un-Frankenstein it. I hope. :)


Creative Saturday


The art of the Saturday afternoon is relaxing in the best way you know how.  My in-laws kindly took the girls today, and after enjoying a lovely morning at InTea, I was able to channel my inner creative Thursday and sprawl across our living room and work some more on my garden journal. I’m glad inspiration hit me today–it was lovely timing.



Remember me saying I was waiting for the right picture for the cover of my book? My dear friend Jona passed along a Bath & Body Works mailing, which fits perfectly… french lavender fields, anyone? I broke out my Brother label maker for the first time (love!) and also some metal tags my dear friend Leez gave me years and years ago. I’ve been saving them for the right project, and I’m so glad I waited–I’ll be using more of these here. (They peel n’ stick, which is awesome.) The one I used on the cover says “life’s simple pleasures.”



I secured more paper over the cover’s edge with washi tape. I knew I wanted to collage over the resources listed on the inside of the composition cover…


So I grabbed an old Anthropologie magazine. It’s from October 2013, and photographed in Paris, which fit into my  ‘lavender’ theme… Initially, I didn’t think I’d reap too many clippings from this catalog, which bummed me out… Usually they have creative textile spreads I’m always tempted to frame. :) I decided to just clip what I liked, which turned out to be fabric designs, wallpaper in the backgrounds, and various words here and there.




I love how it turned out and am excited to get journaling. I’ve taken some garden pictures, I just need to print them out, and we’ll be on our way… Here’s to creative Saturdays!

Chunky Cardi Progress

The cardi is almost done…


I’m working on the sleeves, and then will need to seam it all together.  (The middle part above is the back; the left and right “flaps” will be the front of the cardigan,  joined by a continuation of the green ribbing all around the front and neck. The round areas are where I will seam the sleeves onto it. I am loving chunky yarn, although the one I chose is a bit more dense than I’d prefer… but I think it will be a nice, dense cardigan. :)

Now to get link happy:

On  a whim, I looked up a blogger who hugely inspired me when I really got into knitting–Parikha Mehta–who had a beautiful asthetic to her knitting blog.  Unsurprisingly, she now is a photographer and has another beautiful blog. She is spearheading a photo movement called “Wherever I Am With You”… yup, from the song “Home”, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  What commercial has this song not been in?  It was on repeat in our house (and car) last summer…

Anyway, Parikha’s created a collaboration between photographers to take a monthly photo of themselves with their kids to show them someday that “they were there too.” How cute is this?  I am loving this idea. And after scrolling through the many photos posted, I am homornal, and my teary eyes prove it… :)

I am guilty of not being in photos, too–I’m not much of a “selfie” fan, but I’d love to have more photos taken both of R & I with the girls, just doing what we love to do. Real-life lifestyle shots, not posed.  We’re not good at doing this–which is funny, because all I remember growing up was my dad with a camera or video camera in hand. It annoyed me at the time (sorry dad!) but now am I grateful to look back on those memories.  Look at these photos, and you will want to just scoop your kiddos up and click click click.

PS. Does anyone else think the gal who sings “Home” sounds like Scout Finch as an adult…? I think this every single time I hear it.