Book of Lists: 6 & 7

I love a good double feature, don’t you? While I wish we could watch movies like this again {when the kids get older, right?} here’s a list-worthy double feature… because I’ve been slackin’ in the Book of Lists department and need to catch up. :)


I kept things simple with these, and was happy with how it turned out. {I love that flag stamp. One of my all-time favorite $1 bin finds.} I almost colored the flags, but decided to keep it plain. I may still color them.

Okay, on with the Lists.


Book of Lists 6 | May 2013 | Always With Me

This began as a simple inventory of my purse, which is always near me, even at home, and happily morphed into more meaningful thoughts on the subject.  I used mini vintage flash cards {c. 1951} I found at the Pink Attic Cat years ago in Downtown Littleton… love that shop.  The woman who owns it always recognizes my friend Tess and I because we devour anything papery when we stop in. We oogle, we ahh, we ponder what to leave with. Stationery is one of the most wonderful things ever, is it not..? We usually leave with little somethings like this for projects…well…like this. So these cards were perfect here.

Always with me:

Favorite pens


Burt’s Bee’s Mint, or Chapstick’s Mint are my faves.


It’s funny, but ever since I turned 30, I’ve thought more about sunscreen and how I need to use it more often. At first, I always had it for the girls for impromptu park visits, but now for me, too. Don’t forget to put it on your neck and hands as well, ladies!

Tea bags – RR * Yum

RR stands for Raspberry Royale, by Bigelowe. My comfort, go-to, yummy anytime tea.

Memories of Mom

I think of my mom daily, and Miss her. Making these pages was a bit sad because I recently moved all of her craft items over to my house, and they were all sitting next to me, quiet. It made me smile a little though because I think she would’ve loved to work on something like this with me. So I chatted aloud, as if she was there, and told her all about what I was doing and why, just because she would’ve asked me anyway.

Creative Yearnings

I’m always dreaming about working on something. Knitting, doodling, writing…inspiration sparks easy in my head when I’m out and about.

Loved Ones

One of my favorite things is when you’re out somewhere and see something someone you know would love. That confidence that you know them that well is a warm feeling and I love it.

A song, replaying

These days, it’s usually Liv and Natalie’s kid songs… Sometimes, hymns, which is awesome because I’ve never really known lyrics to hymns (thanks, CBS!)… and sometimes it’s just something completely random. Songs from a TV show, for example. I watched an episode of Seinfeld and had Lionel Richie’s “Hello” in my head for a week not long ago… and I only know the chorus. This was unfortunate, because I just kept inwardly singing, “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?”

My precious Savior – John 14:18, 17:26

If I haven’t written a post yet about why the book of John in the Bible means so much to me, I really need to. This list topic was an excellent reminder that on days when I’m feeling lonely, He is there, and He will see me through it. I love that no matter where I go or what I do, He is faithful to remain! These verses remind me of that.


Book of Lists 7 | June 2013 | I’d Rather Be…

My mind instantly goes to a trip I typically drift back to when daydreaming, our honeymoon to Port Angeles, WA, in 2005.

I’d Rather Be…

On a plane to Port Angeles * Reliving Our Honeymoon * Admiring Northwest Plantlife * Walking amid lavender * Drinking coffee while overlooking the Juan de Fuca straight * Watching Casablanca at midnight * Carving out special time for you & me

We stayed on the shore of WA, and from the cottage {yes, cottage–so cute} we stayed in, we could see Canada over the straight of water in front of us. Incredible. This was the trip that enamored me to plants… the things they grew there due to the humidity! I couldn’t believe it. Their tulips were as big as wine glasses. I’ll never forget it. And the lavender capital of the US is nearby, in Sequim, WA–they have festivals in the summertime, which I’d love to go to someday (we missed it as we were out there in April). It’s been fun to remember that trip, and how young we were, and how far we’ve come since then! Love steeps and only becomes stronger. R and I really do need to carve out more time for Us Only outings–it was a good reminder for that, too.

So there they are! My belated lists. July’s official topic is Celebrity Crushes…but I’m feelin’ another topic for next month: Favorite Quotes. Gotta love a good quote. More info on the Book of Lists here!


Book of Lists 5: Today I Saw…

Finally, my list! Because it’s this late in the game (whoops), this will be a digital version this month. Once I print pictures, I’ll put them into my smashbook…

Book of Lists 5 | April 2013 | Today I Saw

More like, this month I saw…

Evidences of the Little People in my Life.


I’ve been mentally compiling some of my favorite things about mommyhood, and this is by far one of my favorites: the trail of fun (although mostly mayhem) my girls leave behind. At times, it is frustrating (crayon on the window yesterday, for example), but overall I would say that I love walking into a room after my girls have been there, and spotting their “marks” they’ve left. It’s like a crime scene.

Olivia loves to crawl into our bed at random and look at books… in or out of the covers. The photo above was taken while I was getting ready in the morning and she decided to wait for me in my bed and catch up on her reading. ;) Her current favorite read is Raul’s Calvin and Hobbes book on his nightstand. She will ask me to read the comic strips to her, and she usually doesn’t understand the humor at all, but I usually laugh aloud at it and I think she enjoys this. She likes pointing out how cute Hobbes is, too. It’s become a sweet thing for us to do in the afternoons, or before R gets home from work & we’re trying to tidy up! (But are easily distracted…)



Natalie has gotten into the habit of pulling little chairs up to everything for access. And removing chair cushions before crawling inside, especially in this old, brown chair. The fun of having two kiddos is seeing how vastly different they are… Liv would never take a chair cushion off before sitting… Natalie tosses it without thinking twice, and uses it to boost up to where she wants to go, and to catch her when she topples out. I love it.

Silly Quirks of Dexter, our Chocolate Lab.

Our dog, a 4-year-old lab, has issues with tags. Don’t ask me why…

Ever since I can remember, he has torn tags off of towels and clothes if he came across them… usually when we replaced the towels in his crate. He’s very professional with this–no damage is done to the towel, and the tags are immaculately sitting somewhere for us to find. I found this a week ago, on the living room floor:


It made me laugh because I’d forgotten about this quirk–Dex drives me nutso, but for some reason things like this just endear him to me. And, let’s be honest, still drive me nuts.

And a true random spotting: Doctor Who…??

While the kids were resting/napping today, and Raul was home, I went for a walk by myself, which is seriously a luxury these days and something I don’t do nearly enough. Ahhh. Anyway, I was on my way home when I spotted this across the street from me:


Could it be?? The Tardis hiding under a tarp? If you haven’t seen Doctor Who, this is absolute mumbo-jumbo to you, but if you watch… all I can say is… ooh wee oooh….. :)


All of these little somethings are small in everyday life, but I’ve really enjoyed looking for them and being touched by them. I feel keenly aware that this special time at home with my girls is a short season in the scheme of life, and seeing them through this list was so sweet and fun.

While it took for me to post about it, I will say it was great to be a little more mindful–it’s something I’d like to continue doing. I definitely had sentimental eyes this month (Dr. Who aside), but I think in general, there are soo many times I see something and want to take a picture of it, or write about it, simply just because. Simple things, like coffee and a pretty breakfast. It’s a must for the creative spirit, I think; doodling, writing, making, just because. I’m trying to figure out how to make this more a part of my life as full-time mom.. it’s tougher than I thought it would be. But these lists are certainly helping me begin. :)

Next month’s list topic is I Always Have With Me… This will be a fun one to share. New to the lists? Click here.